The PICTAR: Building Bridges and Delivering Opportunity?

Editor - 19th September 2016

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There’s no ignoring the facts. Looking back to 2014, it’s been estimated by various analytics research that around 1.8 billion digital images were uploaded to the many and various social media websites each and every day.

miggo_-pictar-neck-strap_logoThis, quite simply means that, whilst the traditional camera market has seen decline in recent years, image-making using mobile devices has been growing exponentially, building curiosity and introducing many millions of people to photography for the first time – without them even realizing it or ever having picked up a ‘camera’ before.

More facts – in the UK alone, 24% of all images are now shot with Apple iPhones. Add into this equation the fact that the third most important factor considered by most when buying a mobile phone in the first instance, is the ‘quality of the camera’, we start to get an understanding of just how important mobile photography has become to the masses.

Pixel has been steadily reporting on an incredible array of mobile phone photography products coming to market for a number of years now. Just about for as long as the iPhone has been a ‘thing’, but the iPhone is a success story unlike most others and we believe that for any retailer to ignore that customer, is a mistake.

miggo_3121-pictar-45-iphone-6s-01-02Enter then, the PICTAR; a sort of, iPhone-case-come-grip, which contains no less than 5 dials, all offering a greater level of control for shooting pictures than can be achieved with the iPhone itself. There’s a multi-functional shutter button, which offers maximised focus, allowing consumers to capture their images at leisure. A half press of the button will lock the focus and exposure, while a full press will release the shot, saving the time of looking back at captured images to see if they are as they should be. Also, the Exposure Compensation Wheel gives full control over the amount of light in an image as well as allowing the user to be as experimental as they want.

As you would anticipate, the manufacturers and distributors of the PICTAR are introducing this product with a considerable excitement, due to the fact that they seem to have developed a product that has built the elusive bridge between the casual iPhoneographer, the curious and budding photographer and the pro, looking for a simple add on to bring the best from their iPhone.

The PICTAR project was launched on Kickstarter on April 20th this year with the hope of generating $100,000 to fund production.

Within 24 hours the PICTAR had reached half of its funding goal and was fully funded in just three days. By the end of the campaign it had gone on to achieve an incredible $318,628 with 2,952 backers.

miggo_3168-pictar-to-join-with-splatFurther exploration of the function and we see that the external smart wheel will allow users to control a range of different functions, from the mode (sports, landscape, portrait etc.) to others such as shutter speeds, flash modes and white balance settings. There’s a tripod mount located at the bottom of the PICTAR, while the cold shoe mount at the top of the device, allows the use of a multitude of LED lighting products or indeed microphones.

PICTAR’s basic pack also offers a padded case and detachable wrist strap and an optional neck strap for better carrying ability.

PICTAR is available exclusively from Digital Distribution in two models to suit the ever-changing iPhone upgrades:

PICTAR One, is made for iPhones 4-6S and has an RRP of £89.99, while the PICTAR One Plus for iPhone models 6 Plus and 6S Plus comes with an RRP of £99.99

Contact the team at Digital Distribution for more info and supply…

Telephone: 01442 230022


Open: 08:30am – 17:00pm


Digital Distribution Ltd.,

Unit 10,

Heron Business Park,

Eastman Way,

Hemel Hempstead,


HP2 7FW,

United Kingdom

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