The BIG Interview: Theo Georghiades

Editor - 28th September 2017

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For this month’s big interview, Pixel magazine got into touch with General Manager at Fujifilm UK, Theo Georghiades. After yet another successful year, and a very busy one at that, Theo gives us the low down on 2017 so far

Pixel: 2016 was a fantastic year for Fujifilm. How has 2017 been in comparison and what are your expectations for the remainder of the year?

Theo: 2017 has started off extremely well for Fujifilm.  We announced many new products in January, GFX, X100F and X-T20 which all launched February & March.  Sales have been strong across all three products which has given us some very good momentum

Pixel: Which of Fujifilm’s product lines have seen the most attention from retailers and enthusiasts so far this year and why do you think this is?

Theo: Out of all the new products in 2017 the biggest attention has come from the new Mirrorless Medium Format system, Fujifilm GFX50s.  Since we announced the development of the product at Photokina 2016 the interest in the product has been immense.  The GFX system has raised the brand awareness of Fujifilm to another level and demonstrates to the photographic industry that we continue to innovate in new and exciting high-end photographic hardware.  Retailers are very enthusiastic to get behind it as new technology drives traffic to their stores, which in turn convert into sales.

Pixel: We saw your stand at The Photography Show this year. It looked incredible and constantly busy. What was the feedback from visitors you met at the show? What products of yours caught their attention the most?

Theo: We had a new stand and new position at The Photography Show this year.  It was the first time for Photo Enthusiasts to get their hands on the GFX50s.  There were a lot of keen photographers that wanted to handle the camera and see what it can do.  We had some beautiful images printed around the stand demonstrating the quality of the product. The other key products, which attracted the main attention, were the X100F and the established X-T2.

Pixel: We see that you are at NAB this month? How successful/worthwhile do you find events such as The Photography Show and NAB etc. Does Fujifilm itself get a lot of out of them?

Theo: We value every opportunity we get to speak to our end users and showcase the best of Fujifilm X Series cameras and Fujinon lenses.

Pixel: We hear nothing but amazing things about your GFX. Did you anticipate such an overwhelming positive response?

Theo: We were confident that the market was going to respond well to GFX as we are confident in our product planning team in making quality products.  We involve many professional photographers in our early planning stages, as we want to make desirable products, which photographers want to buy.

Pixel: In this day and age we know how important it is to be diverse, innovate and keep your eye on the ball. In this era of the retro making a comeback, you must be happy with your Instax range? Do you have plans to evolve them further or will they pretty much stay as they are?

Theo: Instax is an exciting product mix and as one of the leading imaging manufacturers we always follow new trends and developments however, we cannot comment on potential future products.

Pixel: With regards to 4K equipment, what are your most advanced products currently in the market and why? Have you seen much of an increase in the demand for 4K recently?

Theo: 4K is a big buzz term being branded about by many companies.  We took our time before we launched our first 4K product and we feel that the X-T2 is a very impressive first outing from Fujifilm. The convergence of video and stills in high-end camera products is improving every year. There’s a big demand from smaller production companies for smaller high quality products that can also take excellent 4K video too.  Also with the emergence of 4K TV’s, consumers like to take their own footage and watch their videos back on their 4K TV’s.

Pixel: Virtual Reality.  What is your view on VR products and do you have plans to incorporate this into the photography and imaging sector of Fuji Fujifilm?

Theo: VR is an exciting new technology and we always follow new trends and developments. Fujifilm will always look at new relevant technologies that will help us evolve for the future.

Pixel: Can you give us a brief explanation of Fujifilm plans for the near future? Do you have plans to bring out new product lines etc.?

Theo: Fujifilm has always proved that we are at the forefront of photographic technology. In recent years we’ve evolved from high volume affordable compact cameras for the masses, to a high quality high-end enthusiast & professional interchangeable cameras. All I can say is watch this space!

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