Survey: Photography Behaviours

Editor - 8th December 2014

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The ease and convenience of smartphone cameras has caused more people than ever to want to improve their photography skills, according to research by online learning company 

The survey, which looked into the nation’s photo habits, also found that 64% of Brits now use smartphones or tablets to take photos and 92% want to make the resulting photos look better. Of the respondents, 71% said they take more photos than necessary in the hope that one will be good enough. Only a third said they experimented by changing the settings on their cameras.

Three quarters of those surveyed said they didn’t have the skills to use post production tools, but of those who did, the majority used Adobe Photoshop.

Alex Zivoder, Vice President and Managing Director – EMEA, said: “This research highlights that quality is a high priority for many Brits, with the majority keen to create good photos. As devices get increasingly sophisticated, many consumers are missing an opportunity by not making the most of their investment – mainly because they don’t have the confidence to use more than just a few of the basic camera functions.”

This research was undertaken by an e-learning site to highlight the need for training – but this training can happen in-store with the right counter staff. When amateur customers come in looking for a camera, it is the staff’s job to help them select the right product for their needs, and to make sure they understand how to make the most of it.

For independent retailers, it’s that one-to-one expertise that draws the customers in and fosters a sense of loyalty. has produced an infographic of their findings, which you can see below (click for larger image):

Lynda Infographic - Surge in Mobile Photography_v0_9

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