Review: the Rotolight AEOS

Editor - 10th December 2017

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We had great fun using the Rotolight AEOS. The first thing we noticed was the quality of the carry case. It’s designed extremely well and it’s very padded. When travelling with equipment, you need to know that it’s safe and can withstand a bump here or there. You can rest assured that by carrying your AEOS in the Rotolight carry case, you don’t have to worry.

Once we got the light out and placed it on its stand, we really noticed how light it is for something this powerful. It’s under 1.4kg and has 5750 Lux at 3ft. The AEOS was also rather sturdy in the stand considering the stand isn’t very heavy.

The AEOS is the first light in the world to have integrated handles and it’s a massive plus. Not only does this allow you to be extremely mobile but it makes it much easier to hold the light steady. Of course, you can keep moving the light on the stand but that limits your freedom, a lot of the time you just want to keep moving the light so this was a great addition by the Rotolight team. We didn’t test it whist shooting a film but we thought it would be fantastic for following a moving subject.

Most other LED panels are too heavy for Ball Heads which limits the tilt, but because the AEOS is so light, it’s able to have an aluminium ballhead which allows for a much higher range of lighting angles and creative control. This again, gives you more freedom, which allows for a better overall creative experience.

The AEOS is extremely efficient. It has 42W power consumption which less than half of some other lights on the market.

Currently, you can pick up an AEOS for £899 from popular retailers. We feel that this is good value for money. Not just because of the quality of the product, but also because it comes with a battery plate as standard which again, isn’t the case for most lights. Also included are 4 diffusers.

For the filmmakers, the AEOS includes Rotolights industry first feature –  CineSFX, Designer Fade & True Aperture Dimming.

For photographers that would like to use it as a flash… the AEOS is capable of 1/8000th as well. It has no recycle time so if you shoot high speed photography you can’t go wrong.

Another handy feature that the AEOS provides is the adjustable colour temperature function which is easily accessible and visible, on the back of the light. You can simply twist and see the temperature change in front of you.

We didn’t test the battery power when using the AEOS as a flash because we didn’t want to have to click 150,000 times! It is reported and confirmed though, that the battery can do just that. It’s nice not to have to keep an eye on the battery and focus on what’s important, the photography!

Luke & Mandy’s shoot story:
“We were very keen to use the light for a simple shoot. We purposely decided to not do anything crazy because conceptually because we wanted to focus on the lighting.

We first used the AEOS off the stand to see what angle we wanted to use. Using the handles, it’s very easy to walk round with and makes this part of the process painless. The AEOS is noticeably lighter to use than other lights we have used previously. Once we had found what we were looking for, we then placed the AEOS on the stand so then I could be free with the camera. We had one light to use and wanted to to create an atmospheric image. After lot’s of playing, we decided to use some natural light coming through the window and then have the AEOS create some subtle light on Mandy’s back and face. With the light on the stand, it’s also very easy to change the angle with the ball head.

Although we weren’t in a situation where we pushed the AEOS to the limits, we saw the more simple benefits. Thanks to Rotolights attention to detail in design, we can’t help but recommend to AEOS to anyone and everyone that the features above with benefit. No down side found.”

Stay tuned to Pixel!

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