Q&A: Sony’s James Loader

Editor - 22nd January 2018

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This month, we caught up with Sony’s James Loader to get the latest on his new role within the company.

Can you tell us what your new role is at Sony and what it entails?

The new role title is ‘Pro Business Marketing Manager’ and really the role has come about because the product that we’ve been bringing to the market has garnered a lot more interest from professional photographers and they need a single point of contact to be able to discuss the product with, to understand it and be able to ask questions about work flow etc. So really there was just a need to have a dedicated role to look after the professional photographers.

Do you see Sony evolving much in the imaging sector in 2018?
I think Sony’s constantly looking to innovate and bring stuff to the market as soon as it’s been made as good as it can be, so we are never standing still in terms of bringing new developments and new innovations to the market for the benefit of photographers. Our big strength is the fact that we’re number 1 image centre manufacturer globally for all imaging devices, so that in itself shows that we are committed to continuing to develop the imaging piece. The number of launches that we’ve had for lenses and cameras over the last few years has been phenomenal, but I think each one has a very credible addition to bring to the market; it’s not bringing new for the sake of bringing new. Sony is a very innovative company and the fact that we’re turning our hand to doing that in the imaging space is being very much welcomed by photographers.

More and more professional photographers are switching to Sony, has the pro market been the target for a long time or was it a part of your evolution? 

I wouldn’t say we’ve gone out specifically to do anything for any particular photographer, but the way that the product line up has evolved, I think the more that we’ve been building the a7 series the more professionals have been picking that up. Then the a9 came along and it had a feature set that was really interesting to professional sports photographers and to a lot of big agency photographers, so I don’t think we’ve been doing anything different per se, its just a natural evolution.

Is there anything you’d personally like to see from Sony in 2018?

The most exciting thing is the fact that we’ve made a development announcement on the 400 2.8 lens and that’s what I’m super excited about bringing to the market in 2018 because there’s been a lot of talk about that particular prime telephoto lens from a lot the professionals that we’ve been speaking to, so that’s going to be so highly anticipated. It’s coming from the g master line so you know it’s going to be a super sharp, phenomenal bit of kit so I’m just super excited about bringing that to the market and when we can get our hands on it.

2018 is going to be very exciting Sony. We look forward to bringing you all the latest on their releases in issues to come. Stay tuned to Pixel!

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