Pixel Review: Toshiba Canvio Premium Drive

Editor - 26th April 2017

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Back in March last year Toshiba Europe GmbH (TEG) Storage Peripherals Division announced the launch of the Canvio Premium portable hard drive. Pixel had the chance to get hands-on with the drive and here, we report back on our experience

In such a digital age, memory and storage are some of the, if not the most important aspect of any industry and preserving documents, files and images – especially for this technology-based industry – is crucial. Of course there is a huge range of drives and memory cards out there today, but Toshiba have really hit the nail on the head with their Canvio Premium drive.

Allowing easy, secure and safe file storage and with diamond-cut edges, the sleek and stylish, high-quality aluminium Canvio Premium is ideal for use with high-end notebooks and includes a USB Type-CTM adapter to connect with top-of-the-range devices. This sophisticated external HDD available in silver and dark grey metallic is perfect for the modern lifestyle-oriented consumer looking for a superior storage unit. The Canvio Premium sets itself apart from the crowd with its shiny aluminium design, which looks good and also should provide a good measure of protection against knocks and bumps. There’s a wee light in the corner, and a bevelled edge top and bottom. The shirt-pocket-sized drive weighs just 250g and connects to your computer via the supplied USB 3 cable. A USB 3 to USB C adapter also comes with the drive for connection to newer Macintoshes.

Able to store even large digital libraries with up to 3TB storage capacity, the Canvio Premium is perfect for the fashion-conscious wanting to keep their precious movies, music and photos safe. Pocket-sized and easy to carry with a soft pouch included, it combines practicality with a fast USB 3.0 port, making transfers at home, work or on-the-go speedy and straightforward. The case itself measures 109 x 78 x 13.5mm. This means it is fairly chunky but still easily stowed away in a bag. It tips the scales at 165 grams

For added convenience, remote access software means users don’t even need to carry the Canvio Premium to access their files. With Canvio Premium at home, connected to a laptop, users can still access all of their files, photos, music and movies on any computer, smartphone or tablet. The external HDD also comes with 10GB of free cloud storage for “always-available” copies of important files.

Because it can be locked with a unique password, users do not have to worry about unauthorised users accessing important data stored on the hard drive. For convenience, backup software supplied with the drive allows scheduling of automatic backup at any time and any day.

The Canvio Premium is also available in a Mac ready-use model, the Canvio Premium for Mac, already formatted with HFS+ for daily use with Mac devices, making it possible to transfer data from and to a Mac without the need to reformat. The devices are available in dark grey metallic and silver metallic, in capacities of 1 TB, 2 TB and 3 TB.

The USB 3 connection is, of course, compatible with those universal earlier USB 2 sockets, but USB 2 ties users down to a transfer rate of around 35MB per second while USB 3 opens up this connection to three times that speed. A portable drive like this one won’t attain the full theoretical 640MB per second, but at least the connection isn’t going to be a total blockage.

The drive as delivered includes two Mac applications. One is the HDD Password Tool, lightweight security software that enforces a password before users can actually access the drive, providing the utmost security. The other is PogoPlug, a remote storage facility that offers Toshiba external HDD consumers 10GB of free cloud storage. The value of Toshiba’s HDD Password Tool is that it puts no extra burden on the Mac’s central processor, maximising the read/write speeds.

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