Olympus debut 'dot-sight' camera

Editor - 31st January 2014

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Olympus has unveiled the world’s first dot-sight camera. The sight works in tandem with the newly-developed 1:2.9-6.5 24-1200mm* 50x optical (100x at Super Resolution) Ultra Zoom lens to enable easy high-power zooming and subject capture, making it ideal for spotting moving and distant subjects such as wildlife and planes, or for sports photography. The built-in sight is stowed for portability, and pops up instantaneously for shooting – two key advantages compared with an externally-mounted sight.

ID: 10643

The SP-100EE also features a deeply-shaped grip for optimal handling during shooting, while the single-finger operation control dial allows for a professional shooting style when using the electronic viewfinder. Further ease of use comes with a new focus limit button, with settings for focus limit off, focus only in near area and focus only in the distance. Available in black from March 2014, the camera will cost £349.99.

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