New Advances for Wildlife Photography

Editor - 4th April 2013

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Good news for a remaining corner of the sector where smartphones don’t hold the advantage!

Bushnell NatureView Cam HD (119438)
Bushnell Outdoor Products has reinforced its offering with their widest compliment of products for 2013 aimed at the British Outdoor sector, including a full 1080p HD trail camera with close-focus lenses.
Known widely for their high-performance binoculars, the Bushnell range for 2013 also includes spotting scopes, telescopes, golf laser rangefinders, night vision, trail cameras, sports imaging, torches and GPS devices.
The newest addition to the range is the most advanced wildlife camera available today; the new Bushnell NatureView HD Max combines full 1080p HD resolution and undetectable black LEDs with two additional lenses to allow for close-focus opportunities in addition to its stunning performance at mid and long-ranges.
Traditionally trail cameras have been utilised to detect mammals passing within metres of the device. By screwing on one of the additional lenses to the NatureView Cam HD Max’s front lens, the camera will focus at 46cm or 25cm, an ideal distance for birds and small mammals.
Bushnell introduced the new NatureView Cams in 2013, all three models sporting a camouflaging green case, primarily aimed at UK nature enthusiasts.
The Bushnell NatureView family will be further enhanced this summer with upgraded binoculars and spotting scopes. I

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