Manfrotto launch new Sliders

Editor - 8th October 2015

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Manfrotto, the world leader in equipment and accessories for the photography and imaging industry announces the launch of the new sliders.

Available in a 60cm and 100cm version, the sliders have been developed for experienced photographers and videographers to support creative achievements both indoor and outdoor and who need a tool to enhance their creativity and spontaneity.

The new Sliders are totally machined and ensure an extremely smooth and accurate sliding movement thanks to their 8 high precision steel ball bearings. The coupling between the rails and the carriage can be simply and easily adjusted, as well as the friction on the carriage itself. Moreover, the Sliders boast wheels made of strong PSU – high performance polymer used for its great fluidity and silence.

The new Sliders will be available in combination with photo and flat base video heads.

Slider system with 391RC2 head: photo and video heads enable the user to take full advantage of the smooth movement on tilt and pan and to use the head’s portrait position for vertical direction sliding.

Slider system with 494RC2 ball head: this ball head combines compactness, performance and fast set-up (quick release plate) and is perfect for users who need to have a simple head that allows fast camera position levelling combined with fast attachment (RC2) onto the slider.

Slider system with 500 fluid video head: this Manfrotto video head boasts professional fluid cartridges on both tilt and pan movements. It is ideal for users who want to take advantage of precise and fluid movements of the camera while operating with the slider, want to counterbalance the camera and might use external accessories.

Slider system with 502 fluid video head: A flat base video head with professional variable fluid cartridges on both tilt and pan movements which represents the ideal choice for users that may use external accessories and want to take full advantage of precise, fluid camera movements while using a slider in all types of environments and equipment configurations.

Available from £359.95. 



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