ImagingTech in 2013 – Rumors, Murmors and more…

Editor - 1st January 2013

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Take a look at this concept from Fujitsu – over the next few days, as we ease into 2013, we will post a number of predictions and imaging technology breakthroughs (real and rumor) for your consideration. Let us know your thoughts as we post them – as always, we’re keen to see what you think will be a hit and what will flop…

Concept from Fujitsu – will we see this in 2013?

The Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 is a concept device designed by Prashant Chandra. It’s the result of a competition Fujitsu ran back in 2011. The Transformer of gadgets, the Lifebook features a digital camera, smart-phone and a tablet, all of which can be detached to be used individually at will.

Each component has its own CPU and could potentially run on the same operating system. No one is sure if Fujitsu will make these in 2013, perhaps CES will be telling here – it would certainly be an interesting addition to the wealth of new tech, heading our way in 2013.

What do you think – the ultimate convergence product or a complete waste of time?

50 thoughts on “ImagingTech in 2013 – Rumors, Murmors and more…”

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  30. The only concern I see here is that one will have to be “locked” into Fujitsu brand gadgets !!!
    Unless I have misunderstood the article.

    For example, could I use my current phone or tablet on this Fujitsu Lifebook ?
    I bet you not, for me this is an extremely limiting factor 🙁

    However, if I have the choice/freedom to change gadgets, then perhaps I would look into this concept

    1. Perhaps the limiting factor here is the brand itself?

      How many people would jump at a similar Apple or Samsung set up?

      I like the idea of each element sharing the processing when combined and running the same OS. If you’re a brand loyal consumer, I guess there would be no problem with the nature of this?


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