HannsG Celebrates Another Year Of Positive UK Monitor Market Share Results

Editor - 4th December 2012

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The latest monitor market share statistics have been released from business and consumer
technology channel analysts, Context*, once again positioning HannsG as a top 5 contender in the UK monitor market. Throughout 2012 HannsG has consistently ranked highly, underlining the brand’s sales prowess and market popularity.

Acer, BenQ, iiyama, LG and Viewsonic, are just a few of the well known monitor brands which consistently trail HannsG in the sales league tables. Earlier this year, HannsG enjoyed a top 4 spot (Q1) only being
out sold by industry giants HP, Dell and Samsung.

HannsG, which is the monitor sub brand of consumer electronics company Hannspree, has sold well over 1.3 million monitors in the UK since its debut back in 2006 and consistently ranks as a top seller in
the UK. Its channel offering is extremely attractive thanks to a full and varied – but uncomplicated – product portfolio and solid UK based sales and support.

Primarily selling through the channel, HannsG’s monitor sales success can be attributed to increasingly larger orders from its channel partners: System builders, distributors, resellers and retailers. When
asked, HannsG’s customers commented that the market for monitors was strong, despite ongoing industry chatter about the steady decline of PC sales, and that the HannsG brand is popular with retailers.

“The continuity we enjoy with HannsG monitor sales demonstrates that the market remains strong, and we are really pleased to be winning business over and above tier 1 competitors” commented Martin Kent, Territory manager, UK and Eire, Hannspree UK Ltd. “The feedback provided by our customers, combined with the industry sales data reassures us that the future of HannsG and the monitor industry is still very interesting. The HannsG sales we achieve compliment our successful Hannspree TV and Tablet business, so all-in-all we can say with confidence that the company has a positive outlook for the future. We are extremely grateful to be in such a great position during a time when an economic downturn is having the complete opposite effect on many.

HannsG’s best sellers in 2012 were its LED models. Martin Kent commented: “The market clearly shifted towards more modern LED technology in 2012. Our LED monitors range from 18.5″ up to 27″ which offers our customers a comprehensive selection to meet varying demand. The large size LEDs are particularly popular with gamers and graphic designers, whilst smaller size LED monitors are ideal for offices and establishments looking to replace older equipment.”

HannsG also experienced an increase in demand for more specialist monitor SKUs. Martin Kent explains: “We are one of the only monitor manufacturers in the world which offers specialist hard wearing tough glass technology solutions. This unique feature on a selection of our monitors is extremely popular during the education buying peak of summer. Our product portfolio also includes a range of ‘height adjustable’ designs which are welcomed by the system integrator channel because very few brands offer this feature on their affordable models. There continues to be demand for the older style 19″ square panel monitors. We believe HannsG is successful because of our understanding of the market’s requirements. Our business model, product offerings and sales strategy directly reflect this.”

With a product roadmap that will introduce new affordable IPS models into the HannsG line up for the first time and which will focus on outstanding design in line with consumer demand for more fashionable
equipment, HannsG is set to enjoy another successful year in 2013.

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