Hama to Distribute Liquid Image

Editor - 27th February 2013

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Liquid Image is a leading manufacturer of action cameras who have been honoured for both the design and functionality of their products by the CEA a number of times. Since the release of their first underwater camera mask in 2008, they have continued to develop products for underwater, snow, and motocross markets. The action camera segment is growing and developing rapidly in the UK, popular with enthusiastic photographers and able to tempt even those who usually use their smartphones, but need something more robust to capture their active sporting adventures.
Nick Grey, Managing Director of Hama said “Liquid Image has had a fantastic reception in the UK as they have brought some really exciting products to the market. Hama are in a strong position to build the Liquid Image brand and increase awareness of the fantastic ranges on offer.”
Kent Pearson, President of Liquid Image said “Aligning with multiple divisions of Hama streamlines some of the activities involved across our distribution partners in Europe, so by adding the Hama UK to our distribution line-up, Liquid Image further expands its growth within the consumer electronics industry in Europe. Hama UK will begin marketing the full range of extreme sport cameras including the Camera Masks, Camera Goggles, LED lights and accessories to their customers region wide, opening up untapped sales opportunities throughout the UK. This strategic partnership gives Liquid Image the opportunity to remain focused on innovation and product development while realizing its tremendous growth potential inside the UK CE and Photo market. “

Hama are now the go-to distributor for Liquid image kit! Get yours in for the Summer.
Hama are now the go-to distributor for Liquid image kit! Get yours in for the Summer.

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