Gitzo Celebrates 100th Anniversary!

Editor - 23rd October 2017

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Gitzo, a pioneer in some of the most advanced, revolutionary technologies for professional camera equipment, is celebrating one hundred years of outstanding innovation and technological leadership.


Gitzo initiated the travel tripod era by combining stability with the freedom to embrace creativity. To mark its 100th anniversary, the brand is redefining excellence in its field with the launch of several highly exclusive products, including the iconic Gitzo Century camera bag Collection.

This exquisite new selection of photography bags are designed especially for Gitzo Traveler fans who own premium cameras and require similar standards of premium quality and detail in their photography bags.
All the models in Gitzo’s new range are built to meet the needs of the world’s most discerning, style-conscious photographers. The bags have been meticulously designed and crafted in Italy out of premium materials. They are a highly appealing combination of Genuine Italian cow leather
crafted to resemble carbon fibre that is reminiscent of Gitzo Traveler tripod legs, and wear- resistant Nylon that guarantees high resistance to scratches and abrasions and is water-repellent.

The range is comprised of the GITZO Century Traveler backpack, which redefines the notion of premium functional photography bag. Ensuring comfort while providing every desirable feature, this backpack has a roomy internal insert that easily accommodates a medium-size DSLR or a Premium CSC with 70-200/2.8 lens attached plus 2 additional lenses. The Gitzo Century Traveler Backpack can also hold a DJI Mavic Pro with its remote control and accessories.

The double side access gives owners the choice of reaching for their
equipment from right or left side, without taking the backpack off.
The elegant front opening is the perfect carrying solution for your 0 and 1
Series Gitzo Traveler or similar sized tripod. The removable insert provides the freedom to choose whether to pack photography gear and personal items, or effortlessly turn it into a luxurious day pack. Featured video tutorial
RRP: £249.95

The second model in this selection is the new GITZO Century Traveler Messenger – a stylish everyday photography solution. It is equipped with a G- lock flap closing system powered by Fidlock®. With this smart magnetic lock, the GITZO Century Traveler Messenger can be opened
and securely closed with a simple gesture. It holds a mid-range DSLR or a CSC with a standard zoom lens attached plus another lens and a detached 70-200 f 2.8 or a premium mirrorless camera with a 70-200 mm attached plus 2/3 standard zoom lenses. It is also perfect to carry a DJI Mavic Pro
and its accessories. The base conceals a bottom pocket to carry
and protect a 0 and 1 Series Gitzo Traveler or similar sized tripod.
Featured video tutorial RRP: £179.95

For photographers who prefer the minimalist approach, the GITZO Century Compact Messenger is the perfect companion. It provides the smartest features to keep a premium mirrorless camera or range finder protected in great style with standard zoom lens attached plus two
additional lenses or a DJI Mavic Pro and its smaller accessories. The Gitzo Century Compact Messenger is equipped with a G lock flap closing system powered by Fidlock®. Featured video tutorial RRP: £149.95

All three carrying solutions include a dedicated soft-touch compartment designed to keep a tablet or a laptop safe (this varies according to the bag model). Regardless of the model they choose, owners of Gitzo Century bags can enjoy the assurance that their camera and accessories are safeguarded thanks to the engineered interior compartments,
concealed pockets and countless intelligent storage solutions for all the equipment, accessories and personal items they may require.
For added security, the Messengers have a top flap that keeps the gear compartment secure and the Backpack features a lockable zip on the top personal and laptop compartments. The GITZO
Century bag assortment is the perfect choice for the GITZO Traveler Series tripod users. All the models are sold with their own branded, dust-resistant pouch to protect them when not in use.

As part of Gitzo’s centenary celebrations, other highly desirable products are being launched, including the world’s most exclusive, limited edition carbon fibre travel tripods, the 100 Year Anniversary Edition Tripod and the ARSÈNE GITZHOVEN TRAVELER TRIPOD, along with the Fluid Gimbal Head. The new Gitzo bag collection is available from £149.95. More information on Gitzo’s Centenary celebrations can be found online at

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