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Editor - 26th August 2014

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development room

Pixel are proud to announce the brand new, innovative e-learning platform called ‘The Development Room’, which provides online modules, news and information, networking opportunities, national leader boards, competitions and industry know-how along with plenty of other useful tools for industry professionals.

 We are currently running an 8 week free trial, inviting you to create a login and explore the responsive, easy-to-navigate social networking interface at your leisure.

Pixel have expanded their team to include a dedicated Manager of the Platform, to ensure that you receive a guided tour and are able to make the most of the platform without stretching resource in-store.

Contact Pixel today to set up your log in details, build your private area and see just what this new initiative can do for you and your business.

Call us – (01323) 819007 or email John@lifemediagroup.co.uk

Come and join us and be part of this community platform.





Explore the ‘Development Room’

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