Creative Filmmaking with Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras Masterclass with Jon Scott

Editor - 5th February 2018

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Course Details

10.30am-4.30pm – Buffet Lunch Provided

You will not need to bring anything to this class, but feel free to bring you camera if you wish!

Cost: £99

10.30am – Introduction and Filmmaking Basics 

  • Introductions inclusive of participants levels of experience.
  • Kit breakdown: camera choices, lens choices, overview of grip gear & lighting.

11.30am – Visual Storytelling 

  • Lens selection – How to compose a shot. How a film is made: shot, sequence and scene selection.
  • How to create these yourself + shooting coverage (wide, medium, close-up vs overlapping shots).
  • Cinematic camera techniques; how to best use your camera to tell stories.

1pm – LUNCH
1.45pm – Cinematic Interviews 

  • Lighting techniques and camera setups for interviews.
  • Working with non-actors; how to get the best from your subject.
  • Capturing clean, quality audio.

2.45pm – Slow Motion

  • How slow motion can enhance your story.
  • Different types of slow motion: when and how to use it.
  • Practicalities + quality of slow motion footage.

3.15pm Post Production 

  • The importance of good data management.
  • How to approach an edit.
  • Basic editing techniques.
  • Scoring your film.

    4.15pm – Wrap Up and Questions
    4.30pm – Finish

Below are some examples of Jon Scott’s work:

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