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Editor - 1st November 2017

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This week we had the pleasure of taking the new Billingham 72 out for a play… this is what we thought.

So let’s start with the obvious shall we? Its beautiful! As always, in the iconic and instantly recognisable Billingham style. This brand is faultless when it comes to style and we pray they live forever!

We can see that Billingham have been working really hard on the designs of their bags. One of our favourite features is the incredible foam base that Billingham have now implemented –

the padding that makes up the front, rear and side walls of its body is constructed from two overlapping layers of closed cell foam cut in different patterns – keeping all edges and corners fully protected. Further padding has been sewn into the bottom of the bag, and we have also included a removable padded base. Beneath the outer lid is a top flap, once again made of foam, protecting the camera on all six sides in the event of a knock or fall.” – Billingham

This foam makes the bag feel pretty indestructible. You have to see and feel it to believe it, but it’s probably the best camera protection we’ve ever seen in a bag. It gives you complete piece of mind if you’re prone to bumps and drops.

The quick release system isn’t anything new from Billingham but it’s worth a mention because, especially on a bag like this, it’s so useful. We all know how annoying it is when you’re out and about shooting and you have to keep putting down your bag to get your gear out. With the quick release it’s so convenient and you don’t get a bad back – bonus.

The official dimensions of the Billingham 72 are 150 x 130 x 190mm (WxDxH). The size isn’t for everyone. The 72 is specifically designed for small mirrorless kits and premium compacts. We managed to fit our Sony A9 with Loxia 50mm in there but it’s a bit of a squeeze. If you’re going for a trip and you need to take a few lenses and your laptop, then grab your Hadley. If you want to take minimal kit and walk around feeling as unrestricted as you possibly can, then get yourself a 72. This bag is perfect for street photographers, travel photographers, style conscious bloggers and the casual shooter.

it’s ideal size for premium fixed lens cameras such as the Leica Q, Fujifilm X100 range or Sony DSC-RX1R series, and many small mirrorless system cameras with one small standard lens, such as the Fujifilm X-T2, Olympus OMD E-M series, Leica M rangefinders or Canon EOS M kits. It is also ideal for many old 35mm (and even a few 120 film) cameras of a similar size. – Billingham

The 72 also offers incredible water resistance. This is due to Billingham’s 3 layer manufacturing. We hope you don’t ever have to have your bag out in a storm, but if you do you can rest assured that you have the ultimate in resistance and defence. We recently tested it at Camera World Live and it was faultless.

There is a small pocket on the front of the bag which is ideal for a few accessories e.g. lens caps and memory cards.

The 72 is of course covered by Billingham’s  5 year manufacturer’s guarantee and is made at their factory in England.

If you have a system that will fit the 72 then buy one. If you don’t, buy a system that does and then buy a 72. This was a great call from Billingham to release a bag to cater to this market. A brand that is clearly very aware of what’s going on around them and listens to its customers.

Review by Luke & Mandy Woodford.

Stay tuned to Pixel!

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