The Big Interview: CameraWorld Live

Editor - 25th October 2017

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Here, Pixel introduces CameraWorld LIVE, set to take place in London later this month, and for this month’s big interview, we caught up with Tony Stent, Director at CameraWorld to discuss the upcoming event

One of the industry’s leading photographic retailer CameraWorld is excited to announce CameraWorld LIVE – a brand new, free, one-day photography event located in the very heart of London.

On Saturday 28th of October, CameraWorld LIVE will bring the biggest and most respected brands in the photography industry together for what promises to be the most exciting, dynamic and inspiring camera show in London this year.

CameraWorld LIVE will host leading camera and lens manufacturers, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic, Tamron, Sigma and Zeiss. Plus, a whole host of camera accessory brands, such as Billingham, Lowepro, Vanguard, Benro, Velbon, Domke, and Epson, will have experts on hand to demonstrate their very latest products and give visitors the opportunity to touch, try and buy some of the hottest gear in the photography world today.

The CameraWorld LIVE experience will not only showcase gear but it will deliver a day of inspiration and education. A full programme of events and talks will be running throughout the day, including interactive seminars, live model shoots, Q+A sessions and guided photo walks, all delivered by expert photographers and brand specialists.

It’s not all about the ‘new’. There will be a dedicated trade-in area where they will offer an on the spot valuation for your used equipment, which you can then put towards some new camera equipment on the CameraWorld stand. Their expert knowledge has helped hundreds of photographers buy the right gear at the right price. CameraWorld LIVE will also have a dedicated second-hand camera kit area so, if you’re after some vintage glass or you’d like to expand your collection of film cameras, or pick up a bargain DSLR/Mirrorless camera or additional lens, then the show will have something for you.

Pixel’s Curator, Luke Woodford caught up with CameraWorld’s Director, Tony Stent, who here explains his expectations…

Pixel: To start off, could you give a brief description of the history of CameraWorld LIVE?

Tony Stent: Four years ago, we had our first show titled ‘Masters of Photography.’ Canon were the only camera brand to attend and it was a small show. Then three years ago we up-sized slightly, with Fujifilm also attending. We had more accessory brands present as well. Last year we opened up even more and everyone wanted to come on board!

Pixel: Where did the inspiration for such an event come from and how did the initial idea come about?

TS: There is simply a real need for a Southern Show. The Photography Show is great but it’s in Birmingham! We wanted to do something for the folks down here. Having CameraWorld LIVE also compliments Digital Splash which is of course, up north. We have a fantastic reputation with exhibitions. We do great at Focus and The Photography Show etc. People know how successful we are at these shows and we know how to make a show work. Because there is a real need and we know how to fulfill it, it’s just snowballed. Last year there were queues around the block. It was a large venue but it was so full, it got to the point where it was stuffy and rammed all day.

Pixel: Thanks for that insight, we’re getting excited! How many people are you expecting there this year?

TS: We absolutely expect between 2000-3000 people. We had 1500 last year and this year it’s twice as big. More photo walks, more exhibitors, more seminars, more of everything in general. We have actually made the seminars more about actual photography than the gear itself, which I’m sure our visitors will love.

Pixel: That’s a great number and we know it’s going to happen. Money is tighter in the industry than it used to be. How are manufacturers responding to it? Are they able to promote the event sufficiently?

TS: Because last year proved to be so successful and they were able to physically see it, it became almost an international thing; they wanted to be seen at the show and they also agree with the need for a London show. The response has been excellent across the board with quite an excitement building amongst brands, ambassadors and the general public.

Pixel: Are you pushing for it to grow even more?

TS: Yes, I think it will naturally evolve following its success. We expect the demand to grow and we will, of course, cater for that.

Pixel: Where can everyone find out the details about the show like the brands that are exhibiting, seminars etc.?

TS: We have a dedicated website with everything on that is updated daily.

Pixel: What are you excited about most for the show this year?

TS: To see our baby grow, as it will do this year, will make us a very proud. The enthusiasm we are getting back from the suppliers has been very gratifying and we are confident we will realise expectations.

Pixel: Thank you for chatting to us Tony. See you at CamraWorld LIVE!

Register for your tickets here.

Stay tuned to Pixel for more Industry interviews!

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