Behind the Counter: Cambrian Photography

Editor - 11th August 2016

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Pixel: What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened in store?

Sarah Jones: We used to have an annual transvestite convention in our local area and for some reason they loved this shop, so I saw plenty! One day, one of my customers walked in and put a photograph on the counter and said to me, “well, what do you think?” I replied, “oh no, not another transvestite”, to which he replied “no… it’s my new girlfriend!”

Paul Davies: A member of staff who will remain nameless, was elderly and short sighted. He was serving a lady customer and leaned over to remove the piece of fluff that he thought was on her chin. When she screamed, he realised it was a mole with a tuft of hair he was yanking at!

Pixel: What’s the strangest thing a customer has asked you?

SJ: Would I like to wear a pair of skin-tight red jeans!

PD: It’s so annoying but “do you sell cameras?”

Pixel: Have you noticed any major effects driven by Brexit?

SJ: Yes I would say immediately after the vote results, the shop and high street was very quiet.

PD: Yes, no one is in the shop, customer-wise.

Pixel: If you could have any camera kit for free, what would it be?

SJ: Fuji XT2 with 10-24 and a 50-140

PD: Nikon D5 + 70-200 f2.8 + 24-70 f2.8

Pixel: What’s your opinion of ‘selfies’?

SJ: So long as I don’t look an idiot I’m quite happy with them.

PD: They’re amazing!

Pixel: What’s your favourite thing to take pictures of?

SJ: I’ve always loved the seaside, long exposure and shapes in the sand.

PD: Trees

Pixel: What got you into photography in the first place?

SJ: Wanting to be a Scenes of Crime Photographer and pursued a college course. I always had a camera as a child too.

PD: My dad, not letting me touch the camera between the age of 7 and 15. As a result, the first time I touched a camera in college, I was hooked.

Pixel: Analogue/Instant – your thoughts?

SJ: I still love my film camera and would love to reinstate a darkroom, however the convenience of digital is the way forward for me and I’d say my Fujifilm X gives me the best of both.

PD: I see both types as different media and would use each differently for different effects and results.

Pixel: New or used?

SJ: If the used gear comes with a guarantee and the previous owner is a non-smoker, a used bargain is always the best buy.

PD: Definitely used. We make more profit on it.

FullSizeRender-2Pixel: You sell a healthy amount of Fujifilm X Series gear, are you seeing a clear shift with your clientele leaning towards mirrorless technology?

SJ: Absolutely, it still has limitations for some photographers but let’s see if the new XT2 covers those. I think it will.

PD: We have definitely seen a shift in the area that we live in.

Pixel: We talk a lot about memory in this issue – do you still see good margin with these products for up selling with new cameras?

SJ: Not any more. Like everything it’s been hacked to death online, but thankfully new cameras means people need new cards so it’s very rare that someone leaves the shop without one. However if we made 40% on a £15 card we aren’t going to be rich overnight!

PD: No, margin has gone down along with everything else.

Pixel: What new camera equipment has excited you this year so far?

SJ: I’m not paid by Fujifilm, honest! It has to be the XT2 for me. That, and their wonderful range of lenses.

PD: Panasonic’s 4K photo.

Pixel: What single thing would improve your business right now?

SJ: Our online presence.

PD: A new till system that doesn’t cost a fortune.

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