Battle for the Millennials

Editor - 8th August 2017

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We spend our days observing the industry. Right now, in August 2017, we are in the midst of a battle, a battle for the millennials. As we mentioned in the last issue, there are more and more people taking photos than ever before, but these people aren’t buying DSLRs and they don’t necessarily want to be professional photographers. So who are these people? They are the general public.

Why are they taking photos? Because it’s so accessible in 2017. What are they taking these photos on? More often than not, their mobile phones. Long gone are the days of buying a disposable camera for £5, taking those flash photos and popping to your local Boots or Asda store to get them developed.

Manufacturers know exactly what’s going on and we believe each and every one knows the importance of the professional photographer market. There are now more professional photographers than ever before, but it’s not a rapidly growing market. It makes perfect sense for them to attempt to take a share of the general public market that take photos casually, mostly on their phones.

If you’re a photographer, I’m sure you have seen Canon’s fresh and creative marketing campaign associated with the mirrorless cameras. With hip Hop music, bloggers and stylised product shots, it’s clear to see what’s going on. Their weapons of choice are mirrorless cameras and their target is the millennial generation. We use Canon as an example but of course, they aren’t the only ones. Olympus heavily target bloggers with the mirrorless PEN series. Not only do the cameras look cool but they have started to sell funky camera straps along with non photography related accessories which they brand as ‘fashion’.

Personally, the team here at Pixel love this direction for brands, and we have long yearned for trendy looking cameras and accessories and for more people to learn the art of photography with a non-phone camera. The interesting thing about this battle is the opponent, and that is the mobile phone market.

At a recent press event, Pixel’s Luke Woodford was lucky enough to use the Huawei P10 and was blown away by what it could do. Yes some of it is algorithms, but the fact that you can change shutter speed, ISO, and so many other things is more than enough for any casual snapper. Also, of course the casual snapper doesn’t want to carry two devices with them. Life is easier with one. Not to mention the P10’s have Leica cameras in them for an extra selling point.

Luke said: “The day after I used the P10, I saw an announcement that ZEISS are partnering with Nokia, which I expect to be equally as good as the Huawei rival.”

As we keep preaching, we are in the most incredible, interesting time in the industry. Mirrorless cameras are the new ‘cool’ and they are genuinely amazing. But with phone companies partnering with the world’s most renowned lens manufacturers to produce the best phones the planet has ever seen, who will win the battle? Are mirrorless cameras amazing enough to make the millennials part with the extra money and walk around with two devices? We will see…


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