Banish the Shadows with NanGuang’s Outstanding Trio of Power Light Pads

Editor - 5th January 2018

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Off the press from Kenro:

There’s no excuse for leaving your subjects in the dark, thanks to NanGuang’s introduction of a versatile family of LED Mixpad lights, as well as a kit version of the Luxpad22. Squarely aimed at photographers, filmmakers and the rapidly growing numbers of those with a foot in both camps, the new line-up combines a compact design and impressive brightness with a host of essential high-end features, including an ultra-low flicker rate that makes them perfect for slow motion video.   

There are three models in the Mixpad range, available at a choice of price points, sizes and power outputs. The NanGuang Mixpad 32, priced at £119.94, is the entry-level offering, with the 328 LEDs in its 145x150mm panel providing up to 765 Lumens of power. The mid-range Mixpad 41, which has an SRP of £149.94, measures 170x163mm and features 440 LEDs, capable of delivering 841 LM of output. Both products feature a built-in cold shoe and are compact enough to be mounted directly on the camera, providing fill light and lifting shadows. They’re the perfect option for those shooting run ‘n gun style video interviews, or for lighting photographic product sets or close-ups.

Top of the range is the Mixpad 106, priced at £329.94, which measures 356x297mm and features 1144 LEDs. Featuring a formidable brightness capability of up to 2308 LM, the pad can function equally well as an outstanding standalone light or as part of a full studio lighting set up. Given its power, it’s a remarkably compact piece of kit, designed for use on a light stand.

All three members of the new NanGuang Mixpad family share a line up of impressive features that ensure maximum flexibility, whether it’s photography, video or a mixture of both that is being undertaken. The ultra low flicker rate means that you can be certain of even, unwavering lighting even when shooting in slow motion. Brightness is adjustable from 0-100% and colour temperature can be steplessly set between 5600-3200K via easily accessible controls on the back of the units. All three units in the range also offer an impressive Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 95, meaning that they faithfully represent the colour of the subject you happen to be shooting.

Additionally, these innovative light panels can be switched between hard and soft lighting, thanks to a built-in diffusor that can be enabled or disabled at the touch of a button. It means that these units are genuinely versatile, being able to switch between strong, powerful lighting and gentle, diffused lighting in moments.

All three models in the Mixpad range are designed to be just as useful on location as they are in the studio, and can be battery operated using Sony NP-F/FM type batteries (not included). An optional power adapter, priced at £23.94, is available for the NanGuang Mixpad 32 and 41 models, and comes included with the Mixpad 106.

Kenro has also announced the availability of the NanGuang Luxpad22 kit. This popular 175x120mm 112 LED panel is designed to sit on-camera, and in its new kit form it comes supplied with a Sony NP-F550 type battery and charger, with an SRP of £99.96.

“Lights are a fundamental accessory for both the photographer and filmmaker,” says Paul Kench, Kenro’s managing director, “and as more and more photographers start to look at the potential of video or are perhaps finding themselves asked by their clients to shoot video alongside their stills, there’s an increasing need for products that are powerful and versatile enough to meet the needs of those working in both areas.

“The new line-up of NanGuang Mixpad lights shows just how much LED technology has progressed in recent years. Features such as brightness and colour control now enable all kinds of mixed lighting situations to be tackled easily, while having the facility to switch from hard to soft lighting demonstrates their versatility, making them a complete solution for a variety of needs.”

All prices quoted are SRP guide including VAT.

Full details are available on the Kenro website

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