A Design Edition of Switzerland's Highest-Circulation Daily Newspaper to Mark the Swiss Launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8

Editor - 28th April 2017

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To mark the start of sales of the new Galaxy S8 in Switzerland, Samsung has teamed up with the country’s biggest daily newspaper. The popular commuter newspaper 20 Minuten is available as an exclusive one-off design edition. With this special issue, Samsung is celebrating the unique design of the latest Galaxy generation.

Striking colour highlights, surprising graphics and an elegant serif font – all of these are fea- tures of today’s artistically presented edition of 20 Minuten in German- and French-speaking Switzerland. To mark the sales launch of the Galaxy S8 smartphone, Samsung and 20 Mi- nuten together venture into uncharted territory with the presentation of an exclusive special edition of the commuter newspaper. The unique layout draws on the brave design of the lat- est Galaxy generation, with the display alone now making up the lion’s share of Samsung’s new smartphone. “The design of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 represents a small revolution in the smartphone sector. We are proud of our latest product and want to share it with the people of Switzerland. We are therefore all the more pleased that we have found a strong and innovative partner in 20 Minuten with whom we can break new ground”, explains Heiko Brun- ner, Head of Marketing at Samsung Switzerland.

Marco Boselli, Editor-in-Chief of 20 Minuten and Head of Publishing & Processes of Com- muter Media at Tamedia, is pleased about the experiment: “As Switzerland’s only daily news- paper with a national distribution, we want to constantly reinvent ourselves and enthuse our readers with exciting, informative and entertaining contents. This not only applies to the newspaper’s contents, but also to its advertising campaigns. The design edition, which has been produced in cooperation with Samsung, represented a major challenge for all of our departments – from the editors to the production team. If the special issue succeeds in sur- prising the Swiss public, then we will have achieved our objective.” 20 Minuten is Switzer- land’s most wide-reaching media brand and part of the leading Swiss private media group Tamedia.

The idea for the design edition of 20 Minuten was developed in cooperation with Jung von Matt/Limmat. The agency is supporting the entire launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 in Swit- zerland. “No other newspaper in Switzerland has greater clout than 20 Minuten”, says Dennis Lück, Chief Creative Officer at Jung von Matt. “We knew that our idea is brave. But we be- lieve in ideas that conquer and have therefore made sure we have strong partners on board with us.”

The renowned Lucerne-based office Studio Feixen is responsible for the special edition’s de- sign. Among other projects, the team surrounding Felix Pfäffli, Raphael Leutenegger and

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