2017 Welcomes New Cullmann Lines

Editor - 17th January 2017

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Here, as well as welcoming a new year, Pixel introduces more product lines from the Cullmann range, which graced the photographic industry earlier this month

More product lines have joined the already-existing and quite frankly, impressive, Cullmann range, including 2 new tripod ranges, LED video lights and photo bags, as well as a new Cullman flashgun. Arriving earlier this month, Pixel investigates these new devices and all they have to offer the photographic industry.

CULLMANN_MUNDO_tripodFirstly we have the Mundo tripod, available to purchase in 4 colours including black, silver, orange and blue and allowing users to choose and work to their preferences, and can rest assure that it can be safely transported with a padded tripod bag included. However, with thanks to its compact design, the packing dimension of just 31.5cm and its lightweight body of just 1 kilogram, it can fit into any backpack. The Mundo tripod also features an integrated Monopod, making it the ideal product for landscape, portrait or architectural photography as a tripod, or a monopod for sports and action photography, making it the new go-to product for photographers with all kinds of focus.

The tripod’s star and screw fittings are manufactured with machined aluminium, and with adjustable legs and centre column made of anodised aluminium tube, the Mundo tripod provides users with a stable and trustworthy base. The legs can be adjusted in 3 different spreading angles, including an almost-ground-level macro position, allowing users to adapt to all kinds of photographic situations

CULLMANN_Mundo_orangeOther key features include:

  • Aluminium and carbon versions
  • Quick release clamping for tripod legs and centre column
  • Tripod legs foldable by 180 degrees
  • 360 degree slewable centre column load hook
  • Tripod leg with foam rubber padding (cold/impact protection)
  • Additional detachable tripod leg protection sleeve
  • Skid-proof rubber feet 

The second new range of tripods from Cullmann are the Neomax, which comes in 3 different models in various sizes; Neomax 220, Neomax 240 and Neomax 260, differing by distinctive extension heights from 78cm, 112cm and 128cm – all of which feature fast operation, high stability and low weight. Each tripod features an aluminium ball head with a quick-release system and tough feet, coming complete with its own case.

With its tiny exterior, the compact Neomax travel tripods offer ‘always-at-hand’ companionship to many photographers, and with thanks to the separately available smartphone holder, this product makes for the perfect addition to any mobile photographer’s kit bag. Users can simply fasten the tripod with the snap hook on the centre column to their backpacks or belt buckles, allowing for easy use.

Other key features include:

  • Extra fast extension of tripod legs due to telescopic extension
  • Tripod legs adjustable in 3 positions (including macro position)
  • Small packing dimension due to foldable legs
  • 2x extendable centre column
  • Lightweight and stable
  • Ball head with QRC0system
  • Snap hook for direct fastening

CULLMANN_STOCKHOLM_DayPackWith a design based on the Scandinavian reduced look – ‘simple, clean and without frills’ – Cullmann’s new Stockholm bags come in a range of different sizes, and all come in a cool grey polyester material, making them water repellant and abrasion resistant. Additionally, inside the bags users will find a padded compartment, especially designed for the smartphone, yet again, making this product mobile-photographer friendly. The complete interior is soft padded and provided with variable partitions, making it an even more versatile must-have product.

The all-round zips with covered sawn seams and metal grips make these bags usable in any kind of environment, and users won’t have to worry about their kit being protected in the wildest of weather. Also, with padded carrier handles and a convenient, wide shoulder strap, which can be fastened or removed completely, Cullmann certainly didn’t forget about the importance of comfort!

Other key features include:

  • Robust, water sealed floor material outside
  • Lid opening away from the body
  • Front bag with organiser
  • Well padded inside with variable dividers
  • Integrated rain protection

CULLMANN_CUlight_flashgunAnd finally adding to Cullmann’s new range of products are the CUlight LED video lights, available in 5 different sizes – 3x daylight and 2x bi-colour light – plus a Cullmann flashgun; the CUlight FR60.

Excluding the high flash factor 60, TTL functions for Canon, Nikon and Sony camera, a zoom range from 20 – 200mm as well as USB interface for firmware updates, the absolute highlight of the CUlight FR60 flashgun is the integrated radio remote control, which works over a distance of 100m and doesn’t require a line-of-sight link. Therefore, it can be installed at exactly the locations where it can provide the absolute best possible illumination. Additionally, the FR60 flash itself offers high-speed sync up to 1/8000 second, an external power socket to support high-voltage battery packs and a multi-flash mode for creative effects.


  • Mundo Tripod: £179.99 including VAT
  • Neomax mini travel tripods: £59.99 – £79.99 including VAT
  • Stockholm bags: £44.99 – £89.99 including VAT
  • CUlight LED video lights: £49.99 – £299.99
  • CUlight FR60 flashgun: £249.99 including VAT

For any further information or enquiries, please visit www.intro2020.co.uk

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